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Water Rate Increase Effective 05/01/2021


The Village of Greenview approved new water rates and charges at a public meeting on February 15.  Water customers will see an increase in their water bill for the first time in over 10 years.

With increases in water tower maintenance, and needed repairs to wells, and the possibility of having to install a new well, the Village Board decided it would be prudent to increase water rates at this time to help cover the rising costs. 

With these new rates, most customers will see an increase from $20 to $26 for the minimum bill.  Following are the increase rates that will take effect on May 1, 2021.


Rates for in Village Limits

Base Rate (0-2000 gals): $17.00

Maintenance Fee: $9.00

Price per 1000 gallons over 2000:  $5.50


Out of Village Limit Rates:

Base Rate (0-2000 gallons):  $34.00

Maintenance Fee:  $9.00

Pricer per 1000 gallons over 2000:  $11.00


Our board continues to take a proactive approach to ensure our community’s water systems are in good working condition along with trying to plan for any future needs that may arise.  For more information you can reach out to Village Hall during business hours or to any Board Trustee.