Gas & Electric Utilities

Gas and Electric service in Greenview is provided by Ameren.

See a downed power line or smell a gas odor?

Contact Ameren immediately and leave the area. Illinois 800.755.5000

Income-eligible homes that are disconnected or on the verge of being disconnected from utilities can apply for the Low-Income Home Energy Assitance Program here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Negotiated Rates

The Village of Greenview is a member of a Municipal Aggregation Community and offers Greenview Ameren customers a negotiated, locked-in rate for electricity.  Customers are automatically enrolled, and may opt out at any time.

The negotiated rate is $0.07895/kw hour.*

The rate was negotiated in 2022 and is set for the next three (3) years.

*  This rate is only for usage and does not include Ameren delivery prices.

Help with Ameren Bills

Need help with your Ameren bill?

If you know of a customer that needs assistance, please direct them to  

Consider Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Families can now apply by visiting or by visiting their local agency. Families can also call 1-833-711-0374 for assistance in 30 languages. LIHEAP provides one-time payments directly to energy providers on behalf of recipients. All families who meet the qualifications and provide proper documentation will receive support until funding is exhausted. Families who earn up to two-times the federal poverty level are eligible to receive support through LIHEAP.

Ameren Bill Payment Relief

Ameren Illinois has facilitated $23 million in bill payment assistance to customers impacted by higher power supply costs. Credits and grants have been provided through programs targeting low- and moderate-income residential customers, active-duty military and disabled veterans, non-profits and small businesses. In addition, qualified households are receiving special incentives for insulation, air sealing and some HVAC system installation. Learn more about energy efficiency incentives at  

Check Outages

Ameren may already know about a power outage. Check your location here.

Current Ameren Offers

Home Energy Assessment
We'll examine your home for opportunities to reduce energy usage. This assessment is free for qualifying customers.