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Special Use Permit Public Meeting Results


A Public Hearing was held at the Village Hall on Monday, November 6, 2023 for the purpose of granting special use of 256 W. Jackson St. in Greenview for construction of an AT&T cell tower. Questions that were asked by the public during the hearing included: 

* How tall will the tower be?  Answer:  300 feet

* Will this be a tower for cell signals only? Answer:  The initial purpose is for AT&T wireless service. In the future, another company may lease to other companies for other cell services and point-to-point technologies.

* What is the expected lifespan of the tower?  Answer: 75-80 years.

* Will there be a blind spot of coverge around the metal bins at the elevator? Answer: No.

* Will it improve AT&T service to customers in Greenview. Answer: It will improve service. It is line of sight.

* What is the biggest impediment to receiving cell service in Greenview?  Answer: Interference from trees and building materials.

The Hearing Officer recommended to the Village Board Trustees that the Special Use Permit be passed and it was passed unanimously at the following Village Board meeting.

Construction is expected to take about a month, however, there is no ETA on the beginning of construction.