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Hydrant Flushing


Our crews are continuing to flush hydrants, working from the North end of town to the South.

Don’t be alarmed if you notice reduced water pressure and flow during a hydrant flushing. Hydrant flushing is an essential preventative maintenance strategy to remove minerals and sediment from pipes and the water main.

Water discoloration is one of the most common consequences.   Hydrant flushing can temporarily alter the color of your water to appear rusty or tea-colored. This is due to iron and other minerals in the water main. Due to conventional and unidirectional flushing, the minerals in water mains stir up as they’re flushed out. There’s little concern over this discoloration, as it’s usually safe to drink. However, rust-colored water may stain clothes and dishes, so run faucets until water is clear before washing clothes.