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Free Leaf and Grass Pick-up


Help keep your Village drains clear and prevent street flooding!

Greenview s Maintenance Team will pick up properly bagged leaves & grass clippings each week.


  • Leaves, clippings MUST be in PAPER lawn bags (No plastic)
  • Place bags near the street/sidewalk - NOT IN THE STREET 
  • Call Village Hall to get on the "Pick-up List". 217-968-5314

Be careful! Piling, blowing, dumping or burning leaves and grass clippings on street surfaces is an ordinance violation and can result in fines.

Branch Pickup:

Village maintenance will pick up branches that have fallen or broken off naturally. Cut branches and limbs will not be picked up, but residents are welcome to transport branches and limbs from Greenview properties to the north-end dump, free of charge. 

If you would like to take your leaves, limbs and yard waste to the Village dump, the gate is open 24/7. 
ONLY yard waste accepted. Anyone illegally dumping garbage, construction materials or anything other than organic yard material will be cited for illegal dumping.