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Sewer Update


The most recent bids on a Village sewer system were deemed cost-prohibitive for residents based upon recent Census and income data. Opportunities for grants are currently being explored by the engineering company that designed a wastewater system for Greenview.  

The Village Board has been waiting nearly one year for the USDA to open and approve loans and grants to assist in the design and construction, but to this date, there has been no movement from the agency in that regard.

It is the Village Board's hope that at some time in the future, we will be able to secure assistance in funding.  If your property is in need of a new septic system, because of the uncertainty of when sewer funding will become available,  it is each individual resident’s sole decision to install a new system.  Remember that all septic systems must be installed by a contractor who will secure the proper permitting through the Sangamon Department of Public Health, which governs Menard County.