A-Team Disposal

A-Team Disposal was present at our board meeting on July 1, 2019 presenting that they are now offering waste hauling service in the Greenview area.

Their rates are $21.00 per month or $63 per quarter, with the use of one of their toters included.

Pick-up would be on Wednesdays, starting July 3, 2019

They informed the Village Board to be on the lookout for their Red containers, White trucks, and bright blue trash totes.

Any questions please call them at 217-501-4640


Sewer Update as of 06/21/2019


What has been accomplished in the past 2 weeks:

·          Reviewed incomplete survey data.

o   Directed surveyor to provide additional data in accordance with the contract.

o   Surveyor collection additional points

·          Conducted internal review of WWTF procurement documents

·         Submitted WWTF procurement documents to USA for review

·         Conducted internal review of engineering report

·         Submitted engineering report to IEPA for review

·         Began preliminary layout of collection system


What will be accomplished in the next two weeks:


·          Continue preliminary layout of collection system

·         Begin preliminary layout of influent lift station

·         Begin septic system surveys

·         Receive completed base mapping

Schedule Status

·          On schedule

·         Preliminary design phase (due 10/11/19)

·         Preliminary design submittal – expected 08/02/19

·         Final design phase – due 06/02/20

·         Bidding or Negotiation Phase due 09/22/20

·         Construction Phase – estimated completion 09/07/2021

·         Post-Construction Phase – estimated completion 10/19/2021


What’s been accomplished so far:

  • Geotechnical submitted report

  • Finalized permit and discharge requirements

  • Submitted discharge permit to internal review

  • Completed permit plans and illustrations

What will be accomplished in the next two weeks:

  • Receive completed base mapping

  • Initiate collection system design

  • Submit precontract procurement package to State Engineer for review

  • Plan to submit discharge permit request to the EPA

Schedule Status

  • On schedule

  • Preliminary Design Phase - Due 10/11/19

  • Final Design Phase - Due 06/02/20

  • Bidding or Negotiation Phase - Due 09/22/20

  • Construction Phase - Estimated completion 09/07/21

  • Post-Construction Phase - Estimated completion 10/19/21


Notice of Public Hearing

 The Village of Greenview will be holding a public hearing on 05/06/2019 at 6:00 pm at 106 E Washington Street, Greenview, IL.                   

For Angela Dowell obtaining a special use permit for a temporary building to be placed on the vacant lot on the corner of Washington and North Engle street planning on opening an ice cream shop.