Playground Equipment Replacement Fundraiser

The Village of Greenview established a Community Park Committee which has the responsibility to
assess, identify, and start the process of replacing the community’s present playground equipment.  The present playground equipment was installed in 1966 and 1995. The committee will begin replacing the equipment that has recently been identified as “unable to be repaired”. This playground equipment is situated in the community park.
The community park playground is used by several groups including our local school district, surrounding school districts’ class outings, family reunions, children’s birthday parties and special occasions. The park also hosts community events such as our Labor Day Celebration.
Even though some of the playground equipment is over 50 years old, The village has been able to maintain it in a safe condition for use by children. Now, we are experiencing structural problems to the point they cannot continue to be repaired. 
The Community Park Committee has identified a new piece of playground equipment that will contribute to the community’s needs.  This new playground equipment would provide 2 to 12-year old with physical exercise and entertainment. To reduce cost, the new playground unit will not have comparable children activities as our present playground equipment provides.  The committee’s goal is to purchase and install the playground unit in early June for the children to play on during the summer.  This playground unit is the first piece of equipment needing to be replaced.
The Community Park Committee is in the process of raising $18,099.84 for purchasing and installation of the new playground unit. They are accepting donations as one means of raising the needed funds to accomplish their goal. If you would like to help by giving a donation toward the playground unit purchase, you can send it to: Greenview Community Park Committee, Greenview Village Hall 106 East Washington Street, Greenview, IL 62642   If you have any need for additional information about this campaign you may call the village hall at (217) 968-5314.

For future updates be sure to check the "Committee News" page on this site. For pictures be sure to view the "Photo Gallery" on the right sidebar of this page. 


Meet the candidates- Please share

Monday February 20th there will be a city board meeting at city hall starting at 7:00 pm. Prior to the meeting, starting at 6:00 pm, both candidates for Village President will be on hand to talk with anyone who wishes to come by. Both candidates have ideas on how the Village should move forward. There is a vast difference in thinking between the two, so if you are undecided, or simply would like to know where each candidate stands, please feel free to come out. 

Update on Sewer System and items of misinformation

I wish to give you an update on the sewer system and dispel some information circulating that is simply not true.

As we have reported in the past, the USDA has approved the preliminary engineering report for the Village sewer system. The USDA then invited the Village to submit a formal application. This process is under way as we speak. Part of the formal application is to submit an ordinance in draft form as to what the monthly fee will be, who will connect, etc. As it stands this ordinance will require EVERYONE to hook up to the system. This ordinance was approved by a unanimous board at the advise of counsel. There is an individual making claim that if elected he  will make sure people have a choice to make the hook up or not. This is simply not true and not possible under the present Village By-Laws. I will elaborate on this later. Once the USDA approves funding, which we expect to be somewhere in April or May, the process moves to the planning stage. While in the planning stage the Engineers will locate all gas,electric,phone, cable, storm sewer and any other underground utility. Homeowners will be contacted to try to determine where your sewer pipe leaves your home and how deep it might be. It will very important to try to cooperate at this point as the Engineers will try to make the sewer tap as close to your tap as possible.Decisions will be made as to where the sanitary sewer line will run.(street vs. ally). The project will provide a tap to your property line and it will be up to the individual home owner to finish the connection. This planning process will take anywhere from 12-18 months. Once the planning process is over construction will commence. The goal is to be ready by 2020 for the system to be 100% active. 

Now I want to address the position of Village President. The Village of Greenview has a Village President. While Mayor and Village President are similar in title they are somewhat different in duties and power. A Mayor in most cases has veto power while a Village President does not. Some Village Presidents are voting members of the board, however in the case of the VIllage of Greenview the Village President IS NOT a voting member of the board. The only time the VIllage President will vote is in the event there is a tie in the vote made by the Trustees. With that being said the Village President does not have the capability of over ruling any vote made by the Board of Trustees, either in the past, present or future. Any decision made concerning any Village activity is made by a majority of the sitting Trustees. A single individual does not have the power to change, incorporate or implement new, any village ordinance. If you have any doubt about this I encourage you to speak to any Village Trustee either past or present.  

Be Aware

Recently some individuals have been in the Village trying to have residents convert from their present electrical supplier. I want to caution you that this could actually lead to higher costs. 

Myself and Officer Holt responded to some citizens concerns about these individuals. While interviewing one of the individuals I came away with the following observations.

First the rate they want to change you to is 8 cents a KW. If you are participating in the village wide aggregation program, your current rate is 5.824 cents a KW. This rate is fixed through December of 2017. If you are on the Ameren program the rate fluctuates and has been at the following rates: Jun-15 5.911 , Jul-15 5.911, Aug-15 5.911, Sep-15 5.911, Oct-15-Dec-15 6.713, Jan-16-May-16 6.717, Jun-16-Sep-16 5.654 and Oct-16- 6.514. So you can see while the aggregation program at 5.824 offered the best overall savings, neither program is anywhere near the 8 cents this particular company is offering.

The second thing I took away from the conversation was that the people trying to convert you really don't understand how the whole process works. In fact when we asked how they are compensated, one individual said they make only commission on the switch. No one interviewed understood aggregation and the "supervisor" started the conversation in a very rude manner. The supervisor has been informed if they wish to continue that they would be required to contact Officer Holt and let him know they would be in town. 

I believe the intent is genuine, however the way they are going about it and the lack of knowledge the people have  along with the high rate they are trying to get you to pay, leads me to have the opinion that this program should be avoided. If anyone would like more information or if you simply have questions, please call me or stop by and I would be glad to elaborate further on this matter. 

On a lighter note, I am pleased to announce that the USDA has accepted the preliminary engineering report for a sanitary sewer. The USDA has now formally invited us to put in a formal application. I am attending a meeting with the engineers and the USDA in mid November. There will be a city wide meeting sometime shortly after that to explain to everyone how we are going to move forward. A post card will be mailed out to inform you of the date and location. 

Tomorrow is Halloween. Trick or Treat hours are from 5:00 to 8:00 at those homes with the porch light lit. The forecast for tomorrow evening will be in the 60's. There should be lots of children out , so please be extra cautious when traveling in town. Be safe and have fun.