2015 Greenview First Citizen

Sharon Davis

2015 Greenview First Citizen

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The Greenview Village Board received several qualified nominations for the 2015 First Citizen Award.

The board elected Sharon Davis as the communities' 2015 First Citizen.

For those not familiar with Sharon, she was born and raised in Springfield. Sharon's mother left her and her siblings when she was five and her father raised them. She had the responsibility of cooking for the family. Her father passed away after Sharon's Sophomore year at Lanphier High School. She got a job at the popular Balestrie Restaurant in evenings and weekends. This is where she met her future husband Alvin Davis, who she married after finishing high school. They lived in Greenview until Alvin was transferred in 1965 by Mobile Oil Company. Five years later Alvin was offered a job at Cramer Farm Machinery Company in 1970, now called Rohlfs Ag. Alvin and Sharon bought Cramer's in 1980 and raised their three sons in Greenview.

Sharon got involved in volunteering in the 60's preparing meals for the Greenview Rotary Club. She became volunteering helping wherever cooking was involved. July, 1978 the Daily Bread Program Director came knocking at her door and wanted her to try running the program. When she started she was allowed to take her son Spencer, 3 ½ years old, to work with her. Today Sharon is still in charge of the Daily Bread Program after 38 years.

Sharon has been a widow for 24 years and finds volunteering very fulfilling. She believes in being active and doesn't enjoy being idle. She believes in focusing on getting the job done and is open to suggestions on how to do things if there is a better way.

Teaching her grandchildren to help garden and share the goodies is rewarding to her. “They know they are doing something to help other people and received the Community Service award from the Masonic Lodge in 1989 and the Menard County Jaycees Annual Service Award. She is proud that her grandchildren are following her example of volunteering.

Sharon stated “I feel like I'm a true Greenview Citizen”upon receiving the Greenview First Citizen Award. She has a long history of volunteering. Starting in 1976 she helped with the CIA Labor Day meals and kept volunteering more of her time. She was asked to serve on the newly formed Greenview Food Pantry, representing the Greenview United Church in 1981. They were distributing commodities in the CIA building for the county. Sharon has served in all the offices of the Civic Improvement Association for many years. In addition, Sharon is a member of Greenview United Church and served as an elder twice and now serving as a deacon. She also participates in an exercise class at the church.

In1958 Sharon belonged to a 12 member Bridge Club and presently plays with a group at County Hills Golf Club once a month. Sharon is involved with the Historic Marbold Farmstead Association. “I try to help whenever requested. They are a great group to work with and have Greenview's “Heart” in mind.”

Sharon has three sons who are married. Craig and Joel live in Chicago. Craig is the Director of Harold Washington Library and Joel is the owner of Joel Hall Dance Studio. Her son Bill is a computer programmer for State Farm Insurance in Bloomington, IL and and his wife Angi is a substitute teacher. They are the parents of Galvin and Gwen.

Spencer and Bonnie reside in Greenview and have two sons, Landon and Carson. Spencer works for Viper Mining and Bonnie is a cashier at the Bank of Greenview. They are active in Greenview extra-curricular programs.

Sharon feels going to church every Sunday “lifts me up”, to go out and do all I can to stay uplifted all week. I feel blessed living here in Greenview the past 60 years. My family, friends and the many people over the years I've met keep me wanting to do more.”

“Thank you for honoring me with this award. I thank God everyday for giving me all the abilities and blessings that I have, including my dog, Flash.”

Village Clerk position open- Please Share

The Village of Greenview is excepting applications for the position of Village Clerk. This is a part time position. 

Duties include but are not limited to the following:

Clerk will record minutes from each meeting and produce a legible copy for recording.

Clerk will pay all incoming bills.

Clerk will be in charge of bi-weekly payroll and all payroll tax obligations to the required agencies.

Clerk will answer any incoming correspondence from vendors and as needed produce outgoing correspondence from the Village President or Trustees. 

Clerk will, prior to each meeting, be required to prepare the agenda for each particular meeting.

Additional duties may be required as the need arises.

Again this is a part time position with the only time restraint being the requirement to attend each meeting. Other clerk duties can be accomplished in a prompt manner at the clerk's discretion. Interested parties can contact the Village President at 217-652-4815 or any of the 6 trustees. Applicants must live in the Greenview School District. 

Veterans Day

It has been said a "Veteran" is a man or woman, whether active duty, discharged, retired, or reserve- is someone who at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America," for an amount " up to , and including his or her life". 

What a powerful statement. A statement that is so true about our United States military men and women. The American soldier will go anywhere they are asked, will do anything they are asked to do, and if necessary will lay their life on the line for their fellow man and country. Whether they were drafted or they volunteered, the American Veteran accomplished the duty they were asked to do for a country they so dearly love.  A duty they performed every day with the ultimate goal of keeping this country free. 

 If you get a chance today, take a small amount of time and thank a veteran. A simple thank you can be more powerful than any medal or award. With that being said the Village of Greenview would to thank all that have served or are presently serving. Your sacrifice and dedication are greatly appreciated. 



Fire Prevention Week Fire Drill

2015 Fire Prevention Week Oct 4-10 018.JPG


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Friday, October 9th Greenview School District #200, in cooperation with the Greenview Fire Department, conducted a joint fire prevention activity during Fire Prevention Week October 4th – 10th.  Dr. Kunz, Superintendent and Mr. Heavner, Principal conducted an unannounced fire drill for kindergarten through twelfth grades during the morning.   The Greenview Fire Department Chief and fire department members were stationed in different locations throughout the school complex to observe the students and faculty exit of the building when the fire alarm was activated.   They discussed their observations with the Superintendent and Principal.   

As part of the celebration of Fire Prevention Week the Greenview Fire Department had three fire trucks at the school.  The volunteer firemen pointed out the fire trucks’ equipment and their use to the elementary students.  Afterwards the students were provided the opportunity to tour the fire trucks and each grade had a group picture taken in front of one of them.  The closing activity was the firing of the water cannon which amazed the students.