08/20/18 MINUTES


Of August 20th, 2018

            The Greenview Village Board met for a regular scheduled board meeting on Monday, August 20th, 2018.  President Dan Horn called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and all present participated in the pledge of allegiance.  The roll call indicated that Trustees, Patrick Feagans, Roy Lee, Joseph Wohler, Norman Hofmann, Kevin Curry and Raymond VanCleve were present.  Other village personnel present were Zoning Officer Chuck Ranson, Village Treasurer Jerry Cottingham, and Village Clerk Monica Lynn.



            Public Participation:

No Public Participation


Jerry Cottingham gave the Treasurers report for July.  A motion was made by Trustee Wohler and seconded by Trustee VanCleve to approve report.  Report approved and filed into record.


Chuck Ranson gave zoning report for July.  A motion was made by Trustee Curry and seconded by Trustee Lee to approve report.  Report approved and filed into record.


The minutes from the August 6th, 2018 board meeting were reviewed by each board member.  A motion made by Trustee Lee and seconded by Trustee Feagans to approve the minutes.  Minutes approved and filed in record.


            Income/Expense/Bill Report-  The bills were reviewed by each board member.  Approval of the income/expense report was roll called, all present in favor voted aye.   Filed into record.


            Old Business-

1.      Discussion was had on Citizen of The Year and will go to Mr. Rod Leamon.

2.      Discussion was had on the policy and rates for debris removal.  It is $25 per hour per man and $25 per hour per piece of equipment with a minimum of 1 hr.  A sheet will be typed up and will be published on the website.

3.      Discussion was had on getting rid of the Aramark Uniforms and purchasing shirts from Sangamon County Signs and Graphics and allowing employees to purchase blue jeans.

4.      Discussion was had on the employees needing a tool box and boxes were found thru the LESO program for around approximately $200

5.      Discussion was had on the brick mason being done with the arch around the 26th of August, and the concrete will not be done in time for Labor Day, so discussion was held on what to do with the bench, will be checking with the fire house to see if can be stored there until the concrete work is finished.

6.      Polo shirts for the board are in, the Village wrote a check for the total and each member will reimburse the board


New Business-

1.      Discussion was had on a possible revision to the Mobile Home Ordinance regarding the selling of a property with a vacant mobile home on it.   The zoning officer will get in contact with the attorney to find out legalities of it and if the trailer is uninhabited will it fall under the Dangerous and Abandoned buildings ordinance.

2.      The Village will be participating in the Labor Day Parade again.

3.      President Horn received a call from a resident regarding the condition and lack of flags around the park.  Possible that we have some flags already to replace the torn ones already and Trustee Lee will get with the employees to see what we have, and the Village will possibly purchase new ones if needed.

4.      Discussion was had on the WWI Memorial Arch and re-dedication.  Trustee Hofmann will be writing an article to put in the review to update on the progress.  Also, the Amvets will be participating in the re-dedication ceremony and will be checking into a Memorial Wreath for the ceremony.

5.      Discussion was had on making sure the roads will be cleared for the Labor Day Celebration and that it will not interfere with Sanert’s farm sale on 09/07/18.

6.      Discussion was had on the next election would be 04/02/19.  Petitions can be picked up after 09/18/18 and must be turned in December 10-17th, 2018.  There will be 3 Trustee seats available.  Trustee Wohler, Trustee VanCleve, and Trustee Lee’s terms will expire.


Committee Reports:


Trustee VanCleve:  They will be oiling the streets the first week after Labor Day.  Checked into replacing the street signs it depends on the size of the sign but averages to about $24 per sign.  Would need a total of 126 signs, with an approximate cost of $3000.00 They would be stickers on aluminum and high-vis signs.  Discussion was had and will appropriate in the budget to replace a few signs at a time over the next 3 years.  Discussion was also held about handicapped parking for the Labor Day Celebration.


Trustee Curry:   Nothing


Trustee Feagans:  Will be doing some sidewalks soon and will be putting the bump pads on the new sidewalks.


Trustee Wohler:  Nothing


Trustee Lee:  Nothing


Trustee Hofmann:  Gave an update on the park committee’s fund-raising efforts.  Was informed that there were two signed prints of Abraham Lincoln donated to the park committee to use to raise funds.



Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm


At the conclusion of all business, the announcement of the next meeting was made.  The next meeting will be held on Monday September 10th, 2018 at 7:00 pm.