What We Accomplished in the Past Two Weeks

·  Received survey data for 3 additional streets and house sill elevations.

·  Received draft geotechnical report and provided comments.

·  Followed up with the IEPA regarding the approval of the Greenview treatment process.

·  Followed up with the IEPA regarding the review of the antidegradation process.

·  Conducted internal review of 30% collection system documents (plans, front end specifications, cost estimate).

·  Submitted 30% collection system documents to the USDA state engineer.

·  Continued to receive septic system survey responses.


What We Will Accomplish in the Next Two Weeks

·  Receive updated geotechnical report.

·  Receive comments on the 30% collection system documents from USDA.

·  Receive approval from IEPA on the treatment process.

·  Respond to USDA comments on the WWTF pre-procurement.


Scope Changes to Date

·  None


Schedule/Deliverable Status

·  Preliminary Design Phase (Due 11/22/2019)

·  Final Design Phase (Due 5/15/2020)

·  Bidding or Negotiation Phase (Due 9/8/20)

·  Construction Phase (Estimated Completion 9/15/2021)

·  Post – Construction Phase (Estimated Completion 10/31/2021)