The engineers, Woodard & Curran, sent a survey out in July to ask for our resident’s help with identifying where your septic pipe exits your foundation so that the Engineer can confirm the location of your new sewer lateral.  As of today, they only have about 25% of them returned.

It’s very important to know this information, as it helps with knowing where to run the main pipes and what obstacles they will have to overcome with your property (such as driveways, trees, etc.).  Please keep in mind the more they know the quicker, easier, and possibly cheaper this will be for everyone concerned.

If you have the form completed, you can either e-mail it to gviewclerk@gmail.com, or return it to Village Hall and we can get them to the engineers.  If you have not received this form, or are unsure on how to complete it, please contact Village Hall at 217-968-5314 and we can assist you.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.