What We Accomplished in the Past Two Weeks

  • Review the preliminary layout of the collection system and pump station.

  • Incorporate internal review comments.

  • Update cost estimates.

  • Addressed USDA state engineer’s comments on the WWTF pre-procurement.

  • Spent two days at Town Hall meeting with citizens and addressing questions regarding the survey.

  • Corresponded with USDA regarding the status of their review.

  • Corresponded with IEPA regarding the status of their review.


What We Will Accomplish in the Next Two Weeks

  • Incorporate internal review comments.

  • Submit the preliminary collection system and pump station plans to the USDA state engineer.

    • Preliminary Plans

    • Outline Specifications

    • Revised Opinion of Probable Cost


Scope Changes to Date

  • None


Schedule/Deliverable Status

  • On schedule.

  • Preliminary Design Phase (Due 10/11/2019)

    • Survey – expected 6/10

    • Geotechnical – expected 6/10

    • Preliminary Design submittal – expected 8/9

  • Final Design Phase (Due 6/2/2020)

  • Bidding or Negotiation Phase (Due 9/22/20)

  • Construction Phase (Estimated Completion 9/7/2021)

  • Post – Construction Phase (Estimated Completion 10/19/2021)