Sewer Update as of 06/21/2019


What has been accomplished in the past 2 weeks:

·          Reviewed incomplete survey data.

o   Directed surveyor to provide additional data in accordance with the contract.

o   Surveyor collection additional points

·          Conducted internal review of WWTF procurement documents

·         Submitted WWTF procurement documents to USA for review

·         Conducted internal review of engineering report

·         Submitted engineering report to IEPA for review

·         Began preliminary layout of collection system


What will be accomplished in the next two weeks:


·          Continue preliminary layout of collection system

·         Begin preliminary layout of influent lift station

·         Begin septic system surveys

·         Receive completed base mapping

Schedule Status

·          On schedule

·         Preliminary design phase (due 10/11/19)

·         Preliminary design submittal – expected 08/02/19

·         Final design phase – due 06/02/20

·         Bidding or Negotiation Phase due 09/22/20

·         Construction Phase – estimated completion 09/07/2021

·         Post-Construction Phase – estimated completion 10/19/2021