Greenview Reaches Fundraising Goal for Park Playground Equipment

The Greenview Community Park Committee thanks the corporations, businesses and individuals who generously donated and made it possible to reach its goal of purchasing new playground equipment for the community children's play area. The playground equipment has been purchased and will arrive and be ready to install in late September. The playground equipment cost $16,627.00. The cost of freight from the manufacturer to Greenview is an additional expense of $1,400.00. An anonymous party has volunteered to provide for transporting the unit from the manufacturer to Greenview and save the committee $,1,400.00. The installation cost by a contractor is $5,000.00. In order to keep the installation cost to a minimum, the committee will ask for volunteers for installing the equipment. Also, the committee felt it would be less expense to hire a construction supervisor with twenty years of experience for $1,600.00 to supervise the volunteers in the installation of the playground equipment than hire a contractor at $5,000.00. With the donated freight and the use of volunteers and construction supervisor it will save the committee $4,800.00 which will be used toward the purchase of rubber ground cover, which is presently used in the playground area in the park. The cost for the rubber ground cover will be $8,325.00 delivered. The Community Park Committee has raised $21,016.00 which leaves after the cost of the playground equipment and installation $2,789.00 towards the purchase of the $8,325.00 for ground cover. The park committee is needing to raise $5,536.00 to purchase the rubber ground cover for the new playground equipment. The Community Park Committee is planning fundraisers towards the purchase of the rubber ground cover. One of them will be having a booth at the Greenview Labor Day Celebration located in community park. They will be selling vinyl bulldog decals, handmade interior decor, as well as, exterior wreaths

They have also organized as fundraisers a shotgun raffle with the donation of a Legacy International Pointer 20 gauge shotgun by MTM Arms located in Athens. The committee is selling the tickets for $10.00 each or three for $25.00. If interested in purchasing tickets call (217)381-2332 or email The drawing will be held around noon on Labor Day in the park during the Labor Day Celebration. You are welcome to see the shotgun at MTM Arms. The Greenview Community Park Committee will be creating more fundraisers in order to purchase the ground cover for the new playground equipment. The committee is accepting donations to help reach the goal of purchasing the ground cover. If you would like to make a donation it can be made at the Middletown State Bank in Greenview or mail it to Greenview Village Hall 106 E. Washington Street, Greenview, IL 62642. Please make note the donation is for deposit in the playground equipment fund. If you have any questions please call (217)381-2332. The members of the Greenview Community Park Committee appreciate the generous donations that made it possible to purchase the playground unit and funds towards the purchase of the needed rubber ground cover.