Playground Fundraiser Progress

The Greenview Community Park Committee has raised $15,908.60 Towards it’s goal of $18,099.84 to purchase playground equipment which will serve children from 2 years - 12 years old. The playground will be located in the Greenview Community Park and available to all children’s use such as for birthday parties, family outings, reunions, special events or just everyday playing. The committee targeted June as the date to be able to purchase and have the equipment available for the children use. They were unable to reach their goal and are hoping to purchase and install the equipment by this fall, if not sooner. The Greenview Community Park Committee members will be going door-to-door in Greenview Tuesday evening July 2, 2018 to give information to the community residents on their project. If you wish, you can give a donation Tuesday to the committee member who visits you that evening. Information can also be located on the Village of Greenview website and facebook and Greenview School District website. If you would like to make a donation towards the purchase of the playground equipment you may send it to: Greenview Community Park Committee Greenview Village Hall 106 E Washington Street Greenview, IL 62642 or : make a donation at the Bank of Greenview during normal business hours. Please make a note the donation is for the Community Park Committee. Also, you may give a donation to a member of the Community Park Committee who are as follows: Sarah Heavner, Danielle Morrow, Alison Wood, Nathan Wood, Taya Smith, Karissa Carls, Ashley Ahrens, Desiree Castles, Trey Castles, Kellie Burton, Sydnie Monroe, Jessica Downs and Norm Hofmann. You may give your donation to any Trustee on the Village Board as well. The Greenview Park Committee thanks those corporations, businesses and individuals who have been generous in donating towards our obtaining the new playground equipment for the community park and children. As a fundraiser, the committee will be constructing and selling a cookbook made up of recipies donated by individuals. If you would like to donate a recipe(s) to be printed in the book please send it to : Greenview Water Dept. 145 E. Adams Street, Greenview, IL 62642. If you want to email a recipe please send it to: If you have a recipe to donate you can give it to the committee member who visits your home Tuesday, July 2, in the evening. The committee will make the cookbook available to purchase when they finish compiling and printing it. Please watch for a notice on the village and school district’s websites as well as an article in this newspaper.