Waste water treatment system update

After holding a town wide meeting and after speaking with numerous Greenview citizens, the Greenview Village Board has voted unanimously in favor of pursuing a waste water treatment plant for the Village. The engineering firm of Woodard & Curran has been hired by the Village to undertake this task. This project is in the very early stages of development. Right now Woodard & Curran is in the process of developing a Preliminary Engineering Report that will outline possible treatment alternatives and how each will affect the Village. Ultimately a single choice will be made and this report will be turned over to the U.S.D.A. for approval. We hope this phase will be finished by mid-June. Once the U.S.D.A. approves the P.E.R., we move to the invitation to apply stage. August is the target start time for this phase. During this phase an environmental impact survey will be conducted to see what the pros and cons of this system might be on the environment. It is during the end of this process that we will know what our finance terms will be. We are hoping for full approval by the end of 2016. If approved the design stage will begin at the beginning of 2017. The whole town will be surveyed, utilities located, and the entire system will be designed based on field information gathered at this time. During this time frame, residents will be asked to provide information on the location of the sewer pipe in their home as it relates to the exterior of that home. All efforts will be made to try and make the distance from this spot to the tap in the sewer main as short as possible. The design phase is expected to last most of 2017 which would put the construction phase at a spring 2018 start. This would mean that by the end of 2018 the system would be ready for homeowners to hook up. 

Remember right now this is in the very early stages. There is already a rumor circulating town that suggests we have ran into a road block. That is simply not true. This process is moving forward exactly as it should. As we gather more information we will make it available to the residents and we plan to hold several informational meetings as well.