Be Aware

Recently some individuals have been in the Village trying to have residents convert from their present electrical supplier. I want to caution you that this could actually lead to higher costs. 

Myself and Officer Holt responded to some citizens concerns about these individuals. While interviewing one of the individuals I came away with the following observations.

First the rate they want to change you to is 8 cents a KW. If you are participating in the village wide aggregation program, your current rate is 5.824 cents a KW. This rate is fixed through December of 2017. If you are on the Ameren program the rate fluctuates and has been at the following rates: Jun-15 5.911 , Jul-15 5.911, Aug-15 5.911, Sep-15 5.911, Oct-15-Dec-15 6.713, Jan-16-May-16 6.717, Jun-16-Sep-16 5.654 and Oct-16- 6.514. So you can see while the aggregation program at 5.824 offered the best overall savings, neither program is anywhere near the 8 cents this particular company is offering.

The second thing I took away from the conversation was that the people trying to convert you really don't understand how the whole process works. In fact when we asked how they are compensated, one individual said they make only commission on the switch. No one interviewed understood aggregation and the "supervisor" started the conversation in a very rude manner. The supervisor has been informed if they wish to continue that they would be required to contact Officer Holt and let him know they would be in town. 

I believe the intent is genuine, however the way they are going about it and the lack of knowledge the people have  along with the high rate they are trying to get you to pay, leads me to have the opinion that this program should be avoided. If anyone would like more information or if you simply have questions, please call me or stop by and I would be glad to elaborate further on this matter. 

On a lighter note, I am pleased to announce that the USDA has accepted the preliminary engineering report for a sanitary sewer. The USDA has now formally invited us to put in a formal application. I am attending a meeting with the engineers and the USDA in mid November. There will be a city wide meeting sometime shortly after that to explain to everyone how we are going to move forward. A post card will be mailed out to inform you of the date and location. 

Tomorrow is Halloween. Trick or Treat hours are from 5:00 to 8:00 at those homes with the porch light lit. The forecast for tomorrow evening will be in the 60's. There should be lots of children out , so please be extra cautious when traveling in town. Be safe and have fun.