Fire Prevention Week Fire Drill

2015 Fire Prevention Week Oct 4-10 018.JPG


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Friday, October 9th Greenview School District #200, in cooperation with the Greenview Fire Department, conducted a joint fire prevention activity during Fire Prevention Week October 4th – 10th.  Dr. Kunz, Superintendent and Mr. Heavner, Principal conducted an unannounced fire drill for kindergarten through twelfth grades during the morning.   The Greenview Fire Department Chief and fire department members were stationed in different locations throughout the school complex to observe the students and faculty exit of the building when the fire alarm was activated.   They discussed their observations with the Superintendent and Principal.   

As part of the celebration of Fire Prevention Week the Greenview Fire Department had three fire trucks at the school.  The volunteer firemen pointed out the fire trucks’ equipment and their use to the elementary students.  Afterwards the students were provided the opportunity to tour the fire trucks and each grade had a group picture taken in front of one of them.  The closing activity was the firing of the water cannon which amazed the students.