News from the Mayor's Office

As summer is well under way, there are a couple issues I would like to address with everyone. First is the issue of limb pick-up. The policy for limb pick-up in the City is that the City will pick-up limbs that were a result of storm or wind damage. Limbs, shrubs, landscape waste that is generated by normal yard maintenance will not be picked up by the City. However citizens will be allowed to take said  limbs to the city burn area. If yard area allows, yard waste can be burned on site as long as burn ordinance criteria is followed. Metal barrels are not allowed for any burn usage.

Next I would like to address the issue of ordinance and zoning violations. Police Officer Holt and Zoning Officer Ranson are presently conducting a town wide sweep to address ordinance and zoning violations. The intent of this program is to bring properties up to standards that were developed by the Village of Greenview. These standards have been in place for many years and the majority of the community is following them. If you receive notification of such a violation, please do not ignore it. If you need additional time to remedy this issue, by all means contact someone on the Village Board and discuss with them your timetable or any special need that you may have. This City has a wonderful group of people serving as your Board of Trustees and they are more than willing to listen to you.

Now on a lighter note, there are many ideas floating around for items and events for the Village. There is preliminary discussion going on for a part time library in town. Since the City does not have any funding available it will be a 100% private funding item. I will give out more information as this develops.

We will be planning a Halloween parade for the local children as well as a Christmas tree lighting celebration. For those of you who like to decorate your homes for Halloween and Christmas we will be sponsoring a "Peoples Choice Award" for best decorated house. There will be nothing to win other than bragging rights for a year. There is a park committee being started to look into raising money for future equipment and events in the park. Discussions involve possible movie nights in the park as well as events such as a Farmers Market Day, bands, etc. If you are interested contact us and we will steer you in the right direction.

Thank you all for your hard work as we continue to make Greenview a better place to live.