Just wanted to let everyone know that the letters requesting information from the residents were mailed earlier this week and you should be receiving them shortly. Please take the time to fill out the requested information. Attached is a list of FAQ, and as always if you have any questions please feel to call Village Hall at 217-968-5314.

1.      What is this letter for?

The Village of Greenview is proceeding with a project to install a wastewater collection system (sewers) and a wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) sometimes referred to as a sewage treatment plant. The design engineers are working on the layout of the sewers and need to make sure that every property which will be connected is physically able to do so.

2.      Why do you need information from me?

Woodard & Curran needs to know the location and elevation of the sewer which exits each property. The new collection system must be installed lower in the ground than the pipe which exits the house carrying wastewater; otherwise a small pump will be required for the property. It would be possible to assume that every property had 10 foot basements with the sewer pipe exiting the house from the floor. However, this would likely result in sewers that are deeper than necessary. Digging the trench for the sewers, called excavation, is one of the most costly aspects of sewer installation. Therefore, it is fiscally responsible to design only to the depth that is needed.

3.      What if I don’t own this property?

Letters were sent using the best available information for drinking water customers in the Village of Greenview. If you are a renter and pay the water utility bill directly, there is no way for Woodard & Curran to know that you are not the owner. You have two options. You can give the letter and form to the property owner to complete. Or, you can inform us who the owner of the property is, the property address, and the contact information for the property owner. To contact us, use any of the methods provided in the original letter.

4.      What if I own property that I didn’t receive a letter for?

a.       Please download the letter and form from this website and complete it for the property you own. If you have tenants, consider contacting them to say that you have taken care of it.

b.       Please email to request a letter and form to complete. If you have tenants, consider contacting them to say that you have taken care of it.

5.      I don’t understand how to fill this out. What should I do?

Woodard & Curran is here to help! Samantha Weidenbenner can usually be reached at 636-223-8062 between 8 am and 5 pm Central Time. If she is not available, please leave a message so she can call you back. If it’s a quick question, we’ll work through it on the phone or over email. If it’s very confusing, we can make an appointment during the office hours when Samantha will be in town. If there are a lot of appointments, additional personnel may be scheduled to be on site.

6.      My situation doesn’t seem to be covered by this Form or FAQ. What should I do?

Please contact Samantha Weidenbenner at 636-223-8062 or You may also mail a response using the envelope provided.