A Stormy Sunday

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Sunday morning Mother Nature dealt the Village of Greenview a dose of stormy weather. We were much more fortunate than other villages and cities around the state, however the village suffered extensive tree, roof , siding, and power line damage. 

First I would like to thank everyone that showed to help. Thank you to Chief Eddings and the Greenview Fire Department.Thank you to Ken Stroisch and the Greenview BLS. Thank you to Athens Fire Dept., Menard EMS, Menard Sheriffs Dept., Larry Graf, and especially the Menard Rescue Squad who remained in town assisting the fire department in removing trees and limbs from structures. Thank you to Police Chief Holt..Thank you to Ken Ratliff , village superintendent. Thank you to Styer Seed and Wallace Landscaping who provided the village with limb pick-up at no charge to the village. Thank you to the many others that assisted in our time of need. All of these individuals gave up personally time on their day off to assist a village in need. Hats off to the many insurance agents that were on site the very next day assisting their policy holders in the claim process. Thank you to Principal Ryan Heavner who offered the schools help. And a huge thank you to all the lineman who worked tirelessly non-stop through-out the night to restore electricity. 

As the clean up continues I would like to remind everyone that the city will pick up limbs that are set out by the street. The limbs need to be of a size that can be easily handled. If you have the capability, the city tree dump is open and you or your clean up crew may take limbs and or trees to that location. Please be patient with the limb process. The village superintendent is picking up what he can between the normal operations of the village. The village presently has a job opening for the superintendents assistant. Interested parties should contact myself or any village trustee. 

Many of you have questioned why the tornado siren was not activated. The answer is simply the system did not work properly. The siren is remotely activated at the dispatch office in Petersburg. The dispatch system "lost" paging channels making it impossible to activate the siren.The siren can still be activated in town but, by the time fireman arrived at the firehouse the storm was upon the village. I have been assured this being looked into and a contingency plan will be in effect should the need arise again. 

If anyone in the village is still in need of services and does not know who to contact, please contact the village and we can assist you in locating someone to help.

On a lighter note this Saturday Nov. 23rd is Christmas in Greenview. There will be many homes or businesses set up with Christmas items and or food. The United Church will be holding its annual Cookie Walk and Soup and Sandwich Luncheon. All proceeds from the luncheon will go toward the After School Study Hall Program.

Again thank you a to all that assisted us in our time of need. May everyone have a happy upcoming Thanksgiving. 

Daniel Horn-Village President